The Travel Review

I got a note from United this week that summarized my travel for 2017. I’ve been feeling a bit itchy as I haven’t had any trips scheduled for 2018 so far. Strange for me, but looking over the summary, I’m glad.

Last year I flew 44 times with United, for 81k miles. I had 25 domestic flights and 19 international ones. That’s kind of crazy. Of course, outside of Denver, London is my most visited location.

For hotels, I logged 26 stays with Hilton that totaled 62 nights. That was low because I got stuck in a few other hotels at events early in the year. Plus I think I had 8 or 9 Air BnB nights. A lot of time away from home.

I’m a numbers person, so it’s neat to see the summaries from the services I use.

The one big number for me that shows me I traveled too much? Total workouts for the year: 265. That’s way too low.

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