IoT Increases Efficiency

There is no shortage of articles about problems with IoT, especially with consumer based IoT products. In fact, many of the ideas and sales are gimmicky with dubious value for me, but I know what some people get excited that they can change their home thermostat from the car or have the fridge send them an inventory, or even have a tracker on their keys.

There certainly are some great implementation, especially in healthcare, but I think there is a lot of IoT that can really help in business, some of which will create new opportunity for us as data professionals. As the costs for sensors come down and their capabilities rise, I’m sure more people will come up with interesting ways that they can be used.

I spent quite a few years earlier in life working in the restaurant industry, and I’ve spent my whole life shopping in grocery stores for ingredients to cook with. I know margins are low in these businesses, and there is a lot of waste. When I ran across this article on using IoT in the food industry, I was skeptical that it would become commonplace, but I think I might be wrong. Keeping food fresh has a noticeable impact on profits and sales, and cheap sensors that can help measure data is important in all stages. From the supply chain to your fridge, if data can inform you of those foods that are nearing the end of their lifetime, perhaps you’d make different decisions in shipping, in promotions in restaurants, or even in the recipes you pick for tonight.

And I’m sure there are some of you that would love to chat about the source and age of the lettuce in your salad at a restaurant. That’s not for me, but IoT is going to change our lives in many ways and give us lots of data with which to work.

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