Door Number One for T-SQL Tuesday #99

tsqltuesdayThis is a good month for T-SQL Tuesday. It’s the end of single digits for this blog party, which is amazing. I can’t believe we’re 99 months in. I’m sure Adam Machanic is proud of his efforts here.

Aaron Bertrand hosts this month, and he’s given us a choice: door #1 or door #2. I’m choosing door #1.

Daddy’s Girl

I grew up in Virginia Beach, going through high school and playing elementary school volleyball where you could only score when you served. I loved the game, and eventually started to play on the beach during the summers at college and after I graduated. The game faded for me as I got married, had kids, and got busy with my career.

When my daughter was 8, I signed her up for a recreational league. They needed help coaching, and I volunteered. With another parent, we coached the same group of 7 or 8 girls for 4 years, 8 seasons, and had a great time. A few of us parents also got involved in adult leagues, playing at various levels.

When my daughter turned 13, she moved to a competitive league, as I watched. Across the years, I’ve watched my daughter play and love the game. As she became more independent, I started to spend time helping other teams, learning the modern game with rally scoring, liberos, and more.

This year I’ve taken on coaching a team of 14 year olds. Two nights a week, some Saturdays, and as I’m doing less traveling for work, I’m spending my weekends coaching at tournaments, and having a great time.  As my body ages, and I spend less time at my own activities, I’ve turned to coaching others, and I love it. It’s a great way for Coach Steve to spend some time away from work.

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