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Off to SQL in the City 2018

I’m off today on a plane, flying to the UK for this Wednesday’s SQL in the City broadcast. This is our first event of 2018, and I’m excited. We’ll be talking GDPR and security, not the most exciting of topics, … Continue reading

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Build a Career Radar

I got started in database work during an internship. I was asked to program some Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets to help a department. I was pretty proud of the mess I made, since it helped someone with scheduling. Another person noticed … Continue reading

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An AI Loophole

I’ve been working through some of the GDPR legislation, trying to find ways to explain this more clearly to customers and ensure that our products make sense in light of this law taking effect. Redgate is focused in this area … Continue reading

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Brush Up on Your ETL Skills

Many of us that work with data will find requests and demands to import or export data at some point. Plenty of us have regular processes that perform these actions, and we may regularly troubleshoot or enhance these activities. In … Continue reading

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