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I was returning from a trip yesterday when I got an email from a friend that Robert Davis (@sqlsoldier) had passed away. Unfortunately, this happens more and more to me as I age. Family and friends are getting older and some will leave us sooner than we’d like. A Memorial and Grief fund has been set up, if you’d like to contribute.

There are various tributes from Kendra LittleThomas LaRockJen McCown, and likely a few others. Robert was a friend, and I’m again saddened by his passing. If you knew of Robert, either from reading his blog, following him on Twitter, or attending one of his talks in person, you know he was a very intelligent, humorous, and as Tom says, quite generous soul. I was honored he syndicated his blog at SQLServerCentral, but it wasn’t because of me or the site. Robert was overly giving of his knowledge, always looking to help others with their problems. He probed and questioned the questioners, trying to ensure that he could provide the best advice and solutions to others.

It wasn’t easy, physically, for Robert to always get around, but he made the effort to attend many events in person, and help others even though it was a challenge. I was always pleased to see him in person, shake his hand, and marvel at the lengths he was willing to go in order to help others and share his wisdom and experience. Others have noted his sharp mind and amazing recall. I’ll point to the 92,800 tweets he left behind, many of which were in service to others.

Kendra noted his New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 included more time for Robert and less work. Those are important mantras for us all.

I encourage people to work on their brand, or their career, or improve their skills. I really want all of you to do those things. Become better craftsman and craftswomen and improve the state of our industry. I want you to work at being better. When I present this live, or even write, I do want you to always keep this in mind.

We work to live; we don’t live to work.

Find a balance in life, find time for family, faith, hobbies, and friends. In the last decade, I’ve lost a number of family and friends, far too many in their 40s or 50s. I’m at the age where I likely have less life ahead than behind me. Each of us never knows how many days we have left.

Find a balance and ensure you enjoy your life along the way.

Robert, you are missed, and I hope Chrissy finds solace and strength in your memories. Please consider contributing to the Memorial and Grief fund.

Steve Jones

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