Project Euler

I like having problems to practice solving in computer science. It can be a fun hobby, and it exercises your mind. I have enjoyed the Advent of Code, though some of those are complex and hard to focus on in my busy life.

My middle son asked about Project Euler as he finished his first year of college and suggested we try some together. He’s been busy, though I have called him down as I’ve solved one or two. He’s asked I send him my code, which I’m doing in Python as practice. He’s using C++, which is something he’s studying, but he knows some Python.

These are all math based problems, and most are short in the archives. I’ve been trying to take 5-10 minutes and solve 1 a day. I’ll ping my kid when I’m working, and we might pair program a bit to get a solution.

Not terribly challenging, but it is a different type of thinking from most data work, and it can be fun. If you want to take a break from other work, maybe experiment with a new language, give Project Euler a try.

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