Learning Goals –June 2018 Update

The June update for T-SQL Tuesday #97. I made a plan and it’s hard to stick to.

tl;dr – Very little done.

I traveled the first three weeks of June here and there. Two short trips from 1-2 and 8-10, then a long trip from 16-22 and holiday from 22-27. That means I had a class on June 4-6, with a webinar in there as well. That means I really had just June 7, 28, 29 to do anything. There was a little bit of time on the 18th and 19th, but really it’s been a busy work month, with time outside of  work being spent traveling or with family.

Extended Events


Well, maybe almost nada. I did do some testing of Jonathan Kehayias’ conversion script from trace to XE session. I started this in May, but finished off the article and rechecked the work, even building some load scripts to help test things. Article published on SQLServerCentral, so something done.


Very little. I worked on some of Project Euler with my kid, getting a few more items done, but got stuck when my Prime script ended before the answer on number 7. I saved the work and answer, thinking I might look at it on the plane, but no go.

I may try to get to a little today, as I’ll be offline for a bit getting my car looked at and writing.


Not a good career growth month, but a good month for my career as I attended 5 events, delivering 6 sessions. I also got most of a week of holiday, so we’ll call this a maintenance month.

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