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I am lucky in that I get to travel and speak at a number of events every year. As a result, I meet lots of people in a variety of situations. Many of these places have a social component and often result in pictures. I love that because pictures are memories for me, and I look back at them to reminisce about good times in life.  I greatly appreciate having Facebook remind me of images from the past, some of which I’ll share back out as they’re great memories for others in my family.

This has changed dramatically in the last decade, as everyone seems to have a camera on them at all times in their phone. That means many more memories I can capture. Some of these are silly, and I wrote a blog with some of the funny ones I’ve gotten over the years. In the past, I have relatively few pictures from work. Early in my career, film cameras were rare. We only carried them around for special events, which wasn’t often at work. I do have actual physical pictures of a few work parties, but rarely of workspaces and situations. There are certainly some I wish I’d been able to capture and save.

For many of you, I’m sure that’s different now. Some of you have grown up with cameras and spent most of your career with them. When I asked about desks, quite a few of you posted pictures, with some really interesting items. Those are likely going to be fun memories for you at some point in the future.

Today I’m wondering if you have some funny, silly, even head shake photos of yourself or work. Nothing that will get anyone in trouble or be offensive, but maybe you’ve run across a sign on a wall, some wild cabling, or even a snapshot of you and others celebrating some accomplishment. If you can share them. Check out the fun pics on my blog over the years that make me smile, and if any of you have old pictures of me, please post or send them along.

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