We Need Data Privacy Consistency

For most of the last year, I’ve had quite a bit of my time devoted to the GDPR and related topics. My company is affected, as it’s based in the UK. Not only must we comply, but we know many other companies must as well. As a result, some of our product focus was aimed at helping companies solve their data privacy issues, especially with regards to data.

That continues to be a good idea as the GDPR isn’t the only regulation out there affecting organizations’ data handling practices. There are other laws around the world, but the US is a big market, one of the biggest we have, and we are seeing increased need in the US for the same types of data privacy and protection solutions mandated by the GDPR.

California recently passed their own data protection legislation, and it’s leading the way in the US. Tim Ford wrote a short piece on how this affects his company. He notes that as a consumer, he’s glad to see stricter data handling practices being required. However, as a business owner, he’s concerned and I think there is some basis to be worried.

There are other laws that might pass soon in the US. New York has a bill, Colorado has signed a weaker, but still new, law. Other states are considering items, but the US Congress has yet to really move forward on any legislation, which might lead us to have multiple data handling practices that are required. That would be a nightmare, much more difficult than the hiring and tax practices of different states.

I couldn’t imagine having to work with different processes, and certainly wouldn’t want to have more restrictive laws being passed in the future that might cause us to change practices multiple times. I can only hope that the US gets a common law for all our states, and that the practices are in line with what the GDPR requires. Other countries have used that as a basis for their laws, and I can only hope the US does the same.

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