Learn about SQL Source Control in Redgate University

I love the SQL Source Control product from Redgate. It’s not perfect, and it can be slow to run at times, but the simplicity of what it does, of getting my code quickly and easily to a VCS is fantastic. I really appreciate it.

This is one of the tools I enjoy demoing and showing off how to ensure you get all the code from you system stored away. I wish I had been able to purchase this product years ago when I was building database software as my day job.

We now have a course to help you learn how to use SQL Source Control at Redgate University. This is a series of 10 sections (as of now) that cover a variety of ways in which you can capture development code with SQL Source Control and even deploy those changes to another database.

Give the course a try, and see what you might learn about this product. We’ve got other courses as at Redgate University, with more coming all the time.

If you’ve got ideas or suggestions for the courses, send us a note at https://www.red-gate.com/hub/university.

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