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SQL Source Control Link Errors on a New Machine

I replaced my desktop recently and installed new software through Chocolatey.. One of the things I installed was git. I ran “choco install git” and then started using it. I cloned some repos and everything seemed fine. Then I cloned … Continue reading

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SQL Source Control and Bitbucket–Getting Started

This is in response to someone asking about getting started with their database in SQL  Source Control and then hosting at BitBucket. I’m going to assume people can set up an account at Bitbucket and won’t cover that. Instead, this … Continue reading

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Learn about SQL Source Control in Redgate University

I love the SQL Source Control product from Redgate. It’s not perfect, and it can be slow to run at times, but the simplicity of what it does, of getting my code quickly and easily to a VCS is fantastic. … Continue reading

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Updating VSTS to SQL Change Automation

We (Redgate) released SQL Change Automation a few weeks back. This is the first stage to implementing a combined toolset that works with both state/comparison development and migrations based development. The change updated both our migrations toolset (previously ReadyRoll) and … Continue reading

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