No More Mysterious Truncation

If you read the Microsoft White Paper on SQL Server 2019, there’s a gem buried on page 17. It mentions a trace flag, which some of you might appreciate.

Here’s a little repro:

 2018-09-25 15_00_20-SQLQuery1.sql - Plato_SQL2019.Sandbox (PLATO_Steve (65))_ - Microsoft SQL Server

As you can see, the plee I made has actually been heard. I don’t know if they listened to me, or if the collective complaints over the year grew to the point that this got fixed.

In any case, thank you, Microsoft. This is a very nice enhancement.

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6 Responses to No More Mysterious Truncation

  1. Grzegorz Łyp says:

    Unfortunately not working for table variables 😦


  2. Grzegorz Łyp says:

    But works for # tables 🙂


  3. way0utwest says:

    Good to know. I’m sure more work is coming here. Or I hope so


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  5. Mark T says:

    Excellent Steve! This will be an improvement.


  6. Brian Battles WS1O says:

    Now…if ONLY they would put “Find And Replace” in the MS Access SQL window!


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