Off to #SQLSat Pittsburgh

I’ve never been to Pittsburgh. Actually, in all of my speaking and traveling, I don’t think I’ve even flown through the airport. I’ve been wanting to rectify this, and quite a few friends, like Bill and Konstantine, have been asking me to come for years. The timing hasn’t worked out with other events in the past, but this year I kept the weekend free and was accepted to speak.

If you’re in the area on Saturday, register and come to SQL Saturday #770. It’s at the Pittsburgh Technical College and there’s a great schedule of speakers and sessions to see.  The event is free, though there is a lunch charge.

I’ll be delivering my popular branding session along with a Database DevOps talk. Hope to see you there.

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4 Responses to Off to #SQLSat Pittsburgh

  1. pianorayk says:

    I was hoping to get out there this year, but I just have had too much going on. Pittsburgh puts on a great event! I think you’ll enjoy it!


  2. rsterbal says:

    I’m really looking forward to meeting you and getting a chance to thank you in person for all your amazing efforts over the years.


  3. way0utwest says:

    Thanks, see you this weekend


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