The Short Summit

This week is the 2018 PASS Summit, the largest conference devoted to SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This is the 20th Summit, and I’m sure there are a few people that have been to all of them. I think I’ve missed 3, though I was at the first one and I’ll be there later this week for a short trip.

The annual Summit used to be an event that I looked forward to most of the year, a time when I’d see friends from all over the world that I only saw in person once a year. I might email, tweet, etc. with them many times, but the PASS Summit was one of the few times we’d be able to shake hands and really talk with each other.

The world has changed a bit, with many more SQL events from SQL Bits, SQL Saturdays, Data Relay, and more that take place all over the world, and at every time of the year. If you want to talk data platform with colleagues, get inspired, learn something, or just share a beverage, you have many different opportunities each year. I get to more than my share, and I see many of my friends multiple times a year. I love that, but I also miss the excitement of there being just one event.

That isn’t going to change and we’ll continue to have multiple events. I do think the PASS Summit is still the best place in the US to get excited about the data platform, talk with Microsoft developers, and share information with your peers. There are lots of social events, and if you get the chance to attend, it’s an action packed week. You should plan on being busy, being tired, and talking to lots of people. Attend parties, for the networking if for no other reason, and engage with others.

Unfortunately I won’t do much of that this week. The timing this week is worse for me, personally, and I’m a little worn out from other events and travel this year. I’ll arrive Thursday and leave Friday, making this the shortest trip ever for me to a PASS Summit. I know I’ll be tired, but it’s always great to see friends and meet new people. Please, don’t hesitate to say hi, shake hands, or take a picture with me if you’re there.

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