Early Bird SQL Bits Pricing

You can register today and save for the next few days. It’s only £799 for the full SQL Bits 2019 conference until Saturday. If you’ve ever  been, you know this is the best SQL Server conference out there, at least, that’s how I feel, and I go to a lot of conferences.

I won’t be there next year, as I have a conflict. I’m sad, because I really look forward to this event every year. Fingers are crossed for next year, as I’m hoping to make a vacation of it with my wife.

Go ask the boss and register today. The savings alone pay for some of your hotel. You know you want to go, and you’ll learn a lot. Microsoft has a large presence, so you can get some tech support for those pressing issues.

There are always great sessions, from some of the top SQL Server experts in the world. You can see the submissions, and those alone should convince you this is worth the cost. Nowhere else can you get a four day conference for this price.

Register for SQL Bits and then you can get to work on the really important stuff: picking a costume for the party Winking smile

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