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The Downside of Tool Autonomy

I am a big believer in letting teams of people work in a way that allows them some autonomy to solve a problem. I think this is especially important in the software world, where developers need to experiment and learn … Continue reading

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Webinar next week on Database DevOps

Next week is my webinar on why the database is the heart of DevOps. You can still register today to discuss and debate why we need to ensure that database development is integrated into any DevOps work we do for … Continue reading

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Reserved Space

Many of us that work with SQL Server are familiar with the idea of reserving space that our system might need later. This is normal operation in SQL Server, where we pre-allocate space to data and log files, knowing that … Continue reading

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A Large GDPR Victim

During the last two years, Redgate has been preparing for the GDPR to take effect in the European Union. As a company based in the UK, we recognized that there were both challenges and opportunities for our business. We needed … Continue reading

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