Pro SQL Server on Linux–Install

As part of my learning goals for 2018, I wanted to work through various books. This is part of my series on Pro SQL Server on Linux from Bob Ward.

I had an Ubuntu VM setup at home, but it started to flake and eventually stopped responding as a desktop. Since I’m not a Linux expert, I wasn’t sure what to do and really didn’t think it was worth debugging a broken Linux OS. Instead, I moved on.

In the book, Bob uses Red Hat Linux, so I downloaded RHEL and installed it, after going through the process of joining the Red Hat Developer network. If I don’t do this, I only get a 30 day trial, which I didn’t want. I get the process, and understand them making money.

For a lab, it was a pain. This made me want to go back and just get Ubuntu.

2018-12-20 09_15_22-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

In following the install instructions, I started with getting the Microsoft registry set up. I got an error when downloading the repo file.

2018-12-20 12_34_30-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

From this link, I added my user with

usermod –aG wheel sjones

2018-12-20 12_37_49-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Had to change the network to bridged in VMWare. Not sure why, but this is how I have a few VMs set, so I just matched this.


I needed to attach my subscription. I started by registering, which was fun. I had to go back to the Red Hat portal, log off and back on.

2018-12-20 12_48_12-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Then dependency errors. Isn’t yum supposed to resolve this?

2018-12-20 12_45_08-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

The key is that I wasn’t getting updates. I had to run

subscription-manager attach –auto

which linked my system to the update system. I can see how Red Hat makes money. This feels as onerous as Windows for management and product key matching. In any case, this allowed the install to proceed:

2018-12-20 12_58_20-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Eventually this completes, which is a welcome sight.

2018-12-20 13_02_00-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

One note, when trying to get the dependencies, I removed the –y option for the install. Once things worked, I had to answer “y” to a lot of questions, so you’ll want that enabled.


The next step is to configure your instance. I started this, but it didn’t quite work.

2018-12-20 13_04_13-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

If you look, you’ll see the failure message is that we need 2000MB (2GB) of memory. The VM has 2048, but that’s not enough. I reset this to 3072MB and the config worked.

2018-12-20 13_07_57-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Validating the Install

From the book, the first step is to check the service.

2018-12-20 13_12_04-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

The the process.

2018-12-20 13_12_33-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

That’s good, so I followed instructions to install tools. This ran off the screen, so I didn’t bother capturing a screenshot, but it worked according to instructions.

Next, connect to SQL Server and check the version.

2018-12-20 13_54_05-RHEL74 Bob - VMware Workstation

Tada. Well, not that exciting. The process was more annoying than I expected or remembered, but most of that appears to be RHEL more than SQL Server.

However, this was a nice test and project, with no GUI on the system. Looking forward to doing more with this across the month.

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  1. rsterbal says:

    One of your best technical posts in a long time. Thank you!


  2. way0utwest says:

    Glad you liked it


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