A Week of SQL Server 2019

I’m in Redmond, or Bellevue, or somewhere nearby. Not completely sure where the Microsoft MVP Summit is this week (as I write this). I’ve got travel planned, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

In any case, I can’t talk about anything I see this week for now, but I am excited. It’s a week of SQL Server 2019 and future work that’s coming to us at some point. I don’t always get excited about new versions, and SQL Server 2017 wasn’t one, but I’m changing my mind.

I think SQL Server 2019 is going to be a new evolution of the platform, with the Big Data Clusters and K8s support. This is going to change how we deal with data over time.

Don’t ask questions for now, but as soon as I can write about things, I will.

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