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The GDPR has been in effect for over a year. While the press has died down a little, outside of a few record fines, there is still plenty of activity. At Redgate, we have customers that still worry about compliance and are doing their best to ensure they properly handle and secure data. It’s a tough job, but one that many organizations need to continue to focus on.

And there’s a good reason. Who among you would want their boss to come talk to them about mishandling data? Who wants their boss to come after reading this page, with your organization and fine listed? I’m guessing most of us would prefer to not be on that page, or at least not want our boss to know.

There have been a lot of fines handed out, though most are relatively small. Still, every amount spent towards a fine is money that could be used for shareholders, investment, or even better security and systems to prevent future issues.

What’s interesting is that many of these fines aren’t for data breaches, but rather for other issues. There are some security issues (unauthorized access), and some inappropriate storage. There are also quite a few consent fines, where data is used without the appropriate permissions from the data subjects.

I find the list interesting, and I hope this is the type of thing that does drive change in organizations. Many of these fines might easily be eliminated with a few process and procedure changes and adding some security to prevent unauthorized access. While some companies might be willing to pay fines, I expect that subsequent amounts will rise, and it behooves organizations to change both their behavioral and technical practices.

This might be building archival processes, which would be one of the few ways that might reduce the amount of data that we need to manage and query. Hopefully, something that might improve performance for your clients.

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