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This past week was the 118th T-SQL Tuesday (hosted by Kevin Chant) and it was a great one. Lots of people participated, with some really interesting entries. Kevin asked people to post their fantast T-SQL (or SQL Server) feature that they wish Microsoft would build. From better defaults and hints to a performance rating to CCI improvements to better partitioning, there are lots of creative solutions. Look for the recap this coming week.

I didn’t write mine, mostly because I was out of the country and busy with SQL in the City Streamed and then some customer visits, as well as a mini-vacation in London with my wife. As a result, this slipped my mind, but my feature would be two phase authentication for a batch. I’d like a user to be able to submit a batch, have that held in a queue inside SQL Server until another user approved this feature somehow. The implementation doesn’t matter, but requiring two admins (or users) to run something would be fantastic for limiting rogue admins.

What’s more, I’d use it to schedule something for the future that needed to be done, but I wasn’t sure when, like cleanup of some deployment. I’d write the trigger delete or other cleanup, leave it in queue and then have a job that reminds me of work that’s out there. When I’m ready, another account approves something.

There were some good features submitted. I like Brent Ozar’s, restoring a single table, which is based on this suggestion with lots of votes. Not likely to happen because the backup process doesn’t know what’s on the pages, it just restores them. However, I’d think this could be added somehow with a scan of system tables inside the backup. Another simple one is better logging of job results. We’ve needed that for a long time, and that seems doable.

If you didn’t participate, you can still write something, and even submit a suggestion to Microsoft. Doing a T-SQL Tuesday post is a great way to think and exercise your mind a bit. You might even have a great idea that someone notices and Microsoft picks up. You can still write your post and leave a comment on the invitation post.

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