Getting Started with SQL Prompt 10

This week we released SQL Prompt 10, which is an exciting milestone for us. I remember when I discovered this little gem for Database Weekly and sent it over to Redgate as something they might want to buy. They did and have made dramatic and amazing improvements over the last decade+.

I’ll have a few notes on new features, some of which have been leaking out in v9 already. We’ve started to get away from holding all features until a new release and slowly trickling them out, sometimes as experimental feature flagged items.

There is a new Welcome window,which I think is a nicer way to show off a feature than the tool tips. I can see a few things at a glance, have some links, and get this back from the SQL Prompt | Help menu at any time.

2019-11-08 08_31_30-SQL Prompt - Welcome - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

I think SQL Prompt is the best intellisense tool for SQL Server, and many people agree. If you’ve never tried it, you can get an eval today and see what you think. If you already use it, know that we’re still investing in the tool and driving it forward for the new data platform on SQL Server 2019.

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