Knocking Off for Six Weeks

This won’t be the last blog I write for six weeks, but it is the last one I’ll syndicate and in which write about technical stuff. Today is my last day at SQLServerCentral until Feb 26. I’ll be off on sabbatical until then, which I wrote about last week.

Today is a cleanup day, making sure I’ve left enough stuff for Kathi Kellenberger to watch over SQLServerCentral. If anything breaks, contact her.

This has been a strange start to the year, with less than two weeks of work after holidays, mostly trying to schedule some content and document the new site for Kathi. I’ve been cleaning out queues and ensuring that there is a little pad of things scheduled.

I didn’t really make any goals this year for my career, mostly because of the sabbatical. I am going to be off and away for six weeks, and I’ll re-evaluate things at that time. Hopefully you did that in your career already, since most of you are starting the new year and will be working over the next few months.

Enjoy the next couple months and I’ll be back at the end of Feb. If you want to follow along with the sabbatical, I’ll be posting things on my blog, but not syndicating things through to SQLServerCentral.

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