Back from My Sabbatical

It’s been six weeks away from work, but I’m back now. It was a great break, I’m refreshed, and I am ready to get back to writing, speaking, and working with the data platform again. I haven’t done much SQL Server work, but I have been busy. With this being my first day back, I did spend a few minutes looking back at what it was like to have a voluntary, extended break from work.

The time away was very refreshing. I was able to spend days on my own personal growth in a few areas as well as tackle personal projects that my wife and I have wanted to do around the house. I avoided the computer for the most part, only using it for personal tasks, like watching guitar videos on YouTube. I used my hands often, rarely sitting at a desk.

At the same time, this was an enlightening break. I realized I enjoy my job, and I enjoy technology. During a two day stretch near the end of my time away, I attended a conference and spoke. I engaged with other technologists and realized that I really enjoy working with and talking about databases and technology.

I am ready to go back to work and looking forward to what 2020 brings to my career. I’ve missed Redgate, and I’ve missed interacting with many of you on a daily basis.

Perhaps the best part of the sabbatical was that it have me a glimpse of retirement. I puttered around the house, did things I wanted to do, at my pace, without pressure. I handled it well, though I also think I do need a little more purpose or focus when I do retire.

It was a good break for me, and I’m looking forward to the next sabbatical in a few years. In the meantime, I’m ready to get back to writing and speaking and SQLServerCentral.

Thanks to Kathi, Kendra, Grant, and the others at Redgate for covering my work while I was away, and I hope everyone out there enjoyed their stewardship if the community.

Steve Jones


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