DevOps Deja Vu with Oracle

While I was out on sabbatical, I took a two day break to attend an Oracle conference and speak. The Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days 2020 was held a week ago a little North of Denver and I was there to speak about DevOps.

In many ways, this was similar to the talks and discussions I’ve had with SQL Server developers and DBAs across the last seven or eight years. What was different, and fascinating, is that most of the Oracle people were in the place that lots of you SQL Server people were about 3-4 years ago.

Not that we’re all in the same place, but between the work I’ve done with Redgate and the messages from Microsoft, many SQL Server users get the idea of better development and now are trying to work out the mechanics of implementing things. In the Oracle world it seems that many people are still trying to decide if they should change any development practices and what options are out there.

It wasn’t just me. I watched 3 other DevOps talks and they all were similar. The message was more on what DevOps can mean and how it changes your work building software. In the MS world, we’re more often focused on the mechanics of specific ways to move to a more DevOps style work environment.

Redgate is moving to release more tools for Oracle and other platforms, and we’re evolving the way we build these tools to help more groups. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Oracle procs and brushing up a little on my PL/SQL skills.

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