Folding for Research

I saw Glenn Berry’s post on Folding@Home and decided to join. I downloaded the client and installed it.

From there, I set up an identity and added the SQLFamily team of 236388. I also created a passkey for security with my account. I’m online, and I can see my credits.

2020-03-11 14_02_59-FAHControl - Folding@home Client Advanced Control

I can track my contribution on the team as well. So far, nothing from me, but I’m guessing once I get a work unit done, I’ll see some contribution.

Donating Something

This is a good project for researchers, who are likely short of funds all the time. It’s a small donation of bandwidth and electricity on my part, but if I can help, I’d like to do so.

If you’re interested in helping out this way, feel free to join this team that Glenn set up.

One minor caution note, this can use lots of CPU. In the medium setting, at a low priority, this runs about 65% of my CPU power.

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