Have You Made a Difference?

On New Year’s Eve, I was reminiscing about the past decade. I started posting some pictures on Twitter from the past decade, which were really memories for me of what had happened in life. Later, I saw this tweet from the Pittsburgh Pirates, quoting the late Roberto Clemente, a renowned humanitarian. The quote is:

“Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.”

The world is in a crisis. Whether you think we are over- or under-reacting, making good or bad choices, or anything else. The reality is that we are fighting a pandemic throughout most of the world, many of us are isolated at home with limited contact with others. Many people are struggling with health concerns, financial issues, job security, and other issues. It’s not just their own personal struggles, but the struggles of others can affect us. Loneliness is certainly a big issue for many, even those living with others and missing their routine.

Have you made a difference during this time to others?

It’s a simple question, but it’s one that weighs on my mind. I wish I were a medical professional and could volunteer. I wish I were trained as a first responder and could do something. I’d be happy to go move boxes or otherwise help people working long hours to help others. I’m somewhat upset and guilty because inaction and reducing the spread is more important than my feelings.

I’ve tried to make a difference in a few ways, with the daily coping in the newsletter and my own blogging for the things I’m trying. I’ve hosted some video calls at T-SQL Tuesday live, just providing a space to touch base with friends and the rest of #sqlfamily. I’m proud my company is trying some things and reaching out the community, without an ulterior motive. Our CEO passionately asked that we do things for the community without regard to sales, customers, or any Redgate purpose other than giving back.

This is a time to pull together and help others. Many are scared, many are worried, many are dismissive, but even more are struggling. What can you do to help someone else this week?

Steve Jones

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  1. Rick says:

    My wife is a 77-year-old double below-knee amputee who started, operated, and sold two small tech companies over her career. She is now spending her days sewing and contributing face masks to local healthcare facilities. Neighbors have also contributed some materials, and a family member picks them up for the local hospital workers. This activity is an offshoot of her regular pass time (warning: blatant commercial follows) of making handbags and personal items you can see at http://www.HandbagsByGrace.com


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