SQL Prompt and SSMS 18.5

I downloaded SSMS 18.5, as there were a lot of fixes in here and thought this was a good upgrade to try. I’d heard reports of major changes in the VS shell causing issues with various add-ins, including Redgate tools, so I decided to verify things. Especially for SQL Prompt.

Tl;dr: The SQL Prompt fix is here: http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/SQLPrompt/SQLPrompt_10.1.4.14671.exe

As soon I installed this and started SSMS, the fun began.

2020-04-08 11_37_40-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2020-04-08 11_37_47-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2020-04-08 11_37_53-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2020-04-08 11_38_03-SQL Prompt

2020-04-08 11_38_12-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2020-04-08 11_38_17-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

This was all before the SSMS login. I connected to a database and SQL Prompt is definitely broken.

2020-04-08 11_39_40-SQLQuery1.sql - Plato_SQL2017.sandbox (PLATO_Steve (58))_ - Microsoft SQL Server

Fortunately, Redgate released a fix today, which you can download from http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/SQLPrompt/SQLPrompt_10.1.4.14671.exe

I downloaded that and ran the install. I also upgraded SQL Change Automation at the same time. After this, I restarted SSMS and Prompt now works.

2020-04-08 11_51_25-CandidateList

Other fixes are on the way, as the teams are scrambling. This isn’t a big fix, but it is updating some things that changed as MS upgraded part of the shell.

The most important tool is now working. If you’ve never tried it, download SQL Prompt today and see how much faster you can write code.

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  1. Dave Firth says:

    Thank you for posting! It’s easy to forget how much one relies on SQL Prompt… but an hour without it destroyed my workflow.
    SQL Prompt patch has fixed the issue for me as well 🙂


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