Installing the #SQLPrompt Public Preview in ADS

The SQL Prompt Public preview extension for Azure Data Studio is out and you can add this easily. This is a quick post showing a few ways to install an extension to the tool.

First, download the preview from here. Unzip the file and you should have a file named sql-prompt-0.2.0.vsix on your filesystem.

Now, from Azure Data Studio, you have a few choices. The File menu includes an Install Extension from VSIX option.

File menu in ADS with extension install highlighted

If you have the Extensions pane open, there are three dots in the upper right. Click them and there is an “Install from VSIX” option.

Extension context menu

For now the SQL Prompt extension is not in the marketplace, but it is coming. Many third party marketplace extensions will also have you download a VSIX file, so this method works for those as well.

Click the menu item from either source and a file browser will open. Find your SQL Prompt VSIX file and click it. You will get a third party warning in the lower right side of ADS. Click Yes to install.

third party extension warning dialog. Click yes to install

This will install quickly and you will get a notice it is installed in the lower right.

install notice from ADS

Then you can begin using the extension. CTRL+Shift+P brings up some command palette, and if you type SQL Prompt, you’ll see some of the options.

SQL Prompt options in the command pallette

I’ll explore some of these items in future posts.

I’ve added a short video of this post on the Redgate YouTube channel:

Installing SQL Prompt into ADS

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