A New Windows Terminal

Watching the Build keynotes, I saw that the new Windows Terminal has been released. It looks mildly interesting, as I really like ConEmu, but it’s something that will be on every machine at some point, and I ought to get used to using it. I like that Bash and Azure Cloud Shell are in here, so I decided to try it.

The URL given in the keynote was aka.ms/terminal. This gets you to the Windows Terminal site, with a great animated opening. Give it a moment if you don’t see anything right away.


The “Get/Install” link you see will want to open the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10. You do need to have version 18362.0 or better. Type “Ver” at a command prompt to get your version.

It installs quickly and you can get moving right away.

2020-05-19 14_03_10-Microsoft Edge

When my new Windows Terminal launched, it started with PowerShell, which is likely a good default. Most cmd utilities work, so this makes some sense. I find myself in PoSh quite often when I run ConEmu.

2020-05-19 14_05_48-Windows PowerShell

In the title bar are two things. There is a +, which opens a new tab. This is your default tab, which seems to be PoSh. I’m sure you can change this.

2020-05-19 14_06_11-Windows PowerShell

The drop down arrow next to this gives you choices. The defaults I see are shown below (PoSh, Ubuntu, cmd.exe, and Azure Cloud Shell). There are shortcuts here you can use.

2020-05-19 14_06_18-Windows PowerShell

The settings is interesting. If I click this, I was surprised that this happened:

2020-05-19 14_07_02-Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019

This is a settings.json file, and you’ll need to know JSON to edit this. You can see my default file below:

2020-05-19 14_07_09-settings.json - Microsoft Visual Studio

There are quite a few things you can change here, and I keep debating about the copyOnSelect option, which might be useful, but it might also be something I’m not expected.

One thing I was interested in is changing the colors a bit. There’s a bit description of colors on their site, and I added a property to me default section. I’m not digging into profiles now, but I do want the colors to change. Let’s try one of the built in styles.

2020-05-19 14_12_43-settings.json - Microsoft Visual Studio

I tab back and I see the change immediately.

2020-05-19 14_12_40-Windows PowerShell

I’ll play with the schemes and see how I like them. For now, the Vintage one looks good.

I need to do more Azure stuff and play with Linux more, so I’m going to give Windows Terminal a chance and see how it works.

If you don’t love the built in cmd.exe, you can give this a try and see what you think. I do like the choice of terminals handy, and I can see myself adding one for Python at some point.

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  1. paschott says:

    I’ve had it installed and updated for a while, but having a bear of a time finding the “how do I add a new terminal option” for the settings, even looking at the official docs. I have my “PS 7 Preview” listed, but not “PS 7 release” and not sure how to adjust/add that.

    I do appreciate the options for the terminal, though. Pretty powerful way to get to everything all at once.


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