Goal Progress Report–June 2020

It’s time to evaluate where I am with learning this year. I didn’t set goals until March, as I was gone early in the year. This is my first quarter review of what I am doing for myself this year.

I’ve broken this down into the areas from my first post.

Reading Goals

Here were my goals for the year.

  • 3 technical books
  • 2 non-tech, related books

Books I’ve tackled:

Not a great stat, given I’m a third of the way through the year from March. I should have completed a book already by this time, but I’ve been using reading to escape from the stress of the world, and reading these books isn’t too relaxing.

I also pivoted slightly with the #BlackLivesMatter movement to add the third book, which does impact work. That one is going slow, as I need to try and digest the information and relate it to life and work.

Project Goals

Here were my project goals, working with software

  • A Power BI report that updates from a database
  • A mobile app reading data from somewhere
  • A website that showcases changes and data from a database.

Work done is essentially zero. I did a class on Power BI and am working through the book, so this has had some prep, but I haven’t added in any of the books or resources I have to actually set up a website, database, or anything else.

I start building a database of some personal items, but it’s not ready for a report. However, that’s no excuse. I have data generators, so I should just get started. Moving to a new machine disrupted me slightly, as I had to install and configure some software. Not a good excuse, but writing this post at least makes me think about getting going with planning.

Especially with no travel coming anytime soon.

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