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Years ago I had a friend that was starting a consulting business. This person had worked for various organizations over the years and was ready to run a solo business. The city where this person resided was somewhat expensive, so they decided to convert a garden shed into an office space. They followed a similar process to this one, adding some interior finishing and electricity.

This individual struggled to work alone in this space, after years of working in offices. While it provided separation from children and other home distractions, it was hard to get used to working alone the majority of the time. Eventually the moved their office back into the house.

I was reminded of this when I saw a tweet from David Perell, noting that a good business model might be building recyclable, transportable offices. This pandemic has changed the way many people work, and while some have offices, I’ve had many of my colleagues working in bedrooms, dining rooms, and even in part of a kitchen area.

The way we work has changed for much of the technology world and plenty of us have adapted well. People that hated being stuck at home with distractions are growing used to the idea, though I suspect that not having a permanent space of your own is likely growing old. I wonder how many people would like a shed like structure in their yard or garden, with about 100sq ft/9sq m of personal room for your desk and whatever you need for your job. There are some really small, neat designs with lots of windows, porches, even fancy designs. Interiors can be simple or designed just for you.

Would any of you want to give up a little garden space to get a private office? With the changing world, and the chance that you might work at home for a long time, perhaps some of you would like a private space that’s just your own, perhaps even one that you could take with you if you moved to a new residence. Or maybe one that you can take to a shared space in a town. I could even see pods like this in an office park. Instead of a shared office space, maybe there would be outdoor pods near each other, where we can work near each other, but still in a safe, private way when we need to do so. Perhaps this is the next evolution of BYOD, as a Bring-Your-Own-Office.

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