A Broken Streak

SQL Saturday #1 was in Orlando, as the first actual event that has gotten us to nearly 1000 in just over a decade. I didn’t go to the first one, but I did go to SQL Saturday #8 and many more since that time. I’ve been luck to get back to Orlando a few times, and I look forward to more in the future.

Andy Warren announced that this year’s SQL Saturday in Orlando is cancelled. This breaks the longest streak so far, and I’m sad to see that. I wasn’t likely to go to Orlando this year, though this city is always on my list. I was hoping the event would take place in some form, but I understand the desire to step back and examine how to move forward.

A virtual SQL Saturday isn’t quite the same for me. I’ve presented at one, and submitted to a couple more to support them, but I don’t love this format, and I think it becomes hard to make it a special event for your city. I know a few more are planned for 2020, and I hope someone runs a SQL Saturday with only local speakers for that area. That might make it feel like a local event.

Since the pandemic hit, and since SQL Saturday #950 in Victoria, I’m not sure anyone has held a live event. I’m not sure when the next live SQL Saturday will be, but I’m hoping that it happens in 2021 sometime. I don’t think anyone can plan for this year, but I am hopeful we will find a way to get back to some live interaction next year.

We have until 14 Mar, 2021 to avoid losing a whole year of SQL Saturdays and breaking a streak of having them every year since 2007. I’m confident that if it’s safe, someone will organize and run a SQL Saturday as soon as they can. I’m also sure it will be well attended as I’m guessing many of you are looking forward to a live event as much as I am. I just hope I get the chance to speak, because I will certainly be ready for a live audience.

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