What’s Your Vision for PASS?

The PASS election slate was released for 2020. The candidates and their statements are::

  1. Hamish Watson (@thehybriddba)
  2. Joey D’Antoni (@jdanton) – Community Matters–Why I’m Running for the PASS Board of Directors
  3. Jose Rivera –  (@SQLConqueror) –
  4. Lori Edwards (@loriedwards)-
  5. Matt Gordon (@sqlatspeed) – Why I Am Running for PASS Board
  6. Robert Fonseca (@roberto_mct) –
  7. Steph Locke (@TheStephLocke) – I’m Running for the PASS Board

Not everyone has a statement, though you can read their bios and applications on the PASS Site.

PASS is at a turning point in the organization, with the pandemic and the move of their main fundraiser to a virtual event. Across the last two years, I’ve been a member of PASS, a supporter, and a critic with my own thoughts and ideas about the organization.

However, I’m not sure where PASS should go. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the organization from some, and no shortage of criticism. I see both sides, but what I’m not sure about is what I want PASS to be or do in the future. I suspect the organization will change, but into what?

I’d ask that each of the candidates outline a vision for what PASS should be. Not tactical specifics or complaints, but ideally, what do we want from the organization. What would represent the members and be a great community group?

Hopefully we’ll see something before Wednesday, when voting starts.

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