The Silliness of a Group

Recently we had a quick online tutorial for Mural, a way of collaborating online with a group. It’s often used for design, but it can be used for brainstorming and more. There are templates for standups, business models, roadmaps, and more.

Anyway, we had a designer showing a bunch of others how to do this. Some product developers, team leads, advocates, and more. During the session, as we were watching, we were in a live mural where we could add items. I added a post-it with “Steve’s Note” on it, just to get a feel. I also added a photo I’d taken. Before long, the group chimed in, especially when the host misidentified Phoebe the horse as a goat.

2020-11-19 09_23_58-Online Collaboration with Mural • Redgate

We had another part of the session dealing with voting and making choices. The demo was with ice cream, allowing each of us to vote on a set of choices. Next we went to a template where we could add our own choices and people had fun, including me.

2020-11-19 09_36_18-Online Collaboration with Mural • Redgate

All in all, I see Mural as an interesting tool that I could see different groups using this in a variety of ways to collaborate, with some sort of Zoom/audio call and then focusing on a virtual whiteboard, there’s a lot here.

I actually think this could be a neat way of posing questions, taking votes or polls, and sharing information in a group that can’t get together in person.


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