Placing my Bid for

I’m making my bid. I don’t know this brand needs to continue, or that it will, but I’d like to hold this for posterity, at least in an interim basis.

Note: This is a personal bid, not associated with my employer, Redgate Software, or any other enterprise.

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Feel free to submit your own bid. I am hoping PASS is willing to return this brand to the founders.

Update: I have had numerous offers to help crowdsource the cost, which I appreciate. If you are willing to contribute, let me know. I would prefer to ask for equal shares from everyone if it comes to that.

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13 Responses to Placing my Bid for

  1. Jeff Moden says:

    Mr. Jones, you’re incredible. If you need someone to split the cost with, I’m in.


  2. let’s do a GoFundMe for the whole thing 🙂


  3. Jeff Moden says:

    Better than that, let’s send a request to Bill Gates. 😀


  4. Robert Pearl says:

    Actually, just go to Satya, he is the active and current CEO, and has vested interest in seeing the MS SQL Server/Azure brand continue to succeed, and who other than the folks contributing to SQLSaturday (organizers, speakers, attendees, sponsor) can best evangelize Microsoft and its products?

    Anyway, glad to see Steve is championing this cause – I posted somewhere I’m ready to contribute in preserving and continuing the SQLSaturday brand….


    • way0utwest says:

      I don’t know if my bid is high or low. Certainly the creditors would want more, but if the community does not support the effort, there is no value. If they wait too long to sell, there’s no value either, IMHO.


  5. luther Atkinson says:

    Steve, you are a forward thinking person, and I wish you success with purchasing the domain. In terms of what has helped me personally, the SQL Saturday events and fellowship is up there in the top 2 best things that have ever existed.

    Good luck, and good fortune to you.

    Luther Atkinson


  6. Pail Writer says:

    I sincerely hope you win the bid for the domain. I know you will do the site justice in broadening the horizons of the SQL community.

    The GoFundMe option mentioned above would be a great way to source out funds for this project. I myself, can’t swing $1,000 dollars but I would kick in what I could on a GoFundMe.

    Best of luck, I’m rooting for you.


  7. way0utwest says:

    Thank you and hoping I am successful. If so, I’ll try crowdsource this with $5 contributions. If not, I’ve made worse money decisions.


    • Hey Steve, I’ve been away from SQLPass for a couple years as my company took me deeper into cloud and other areas of focus – but SQLSaturdays and PASS in general gave me a lot for very little investment. Count me in if this thing needs crowd-sourcing.

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  8. Russel Loski says:

    Thank you for doing this. I think that there are advantages and disadvantages to the SQLSaturday name and I would hate to see it go away without us considering the option. Let me know if it works. I can pitch in 5


  9. Alex Lam says:

    Thanks Steve for your initiative. Please count me in for the $5 contribution.


  10. SHARMA V says:

    Count me in for up to 500$, this community and SQLsaturday has allowed me a career I love!


  11. ATUL MATHUR says:

    PASS was a big social event that bound the SQL community together. We will all miss it.
    Hope your bid to acquire the SQLSaturday domain is successful.
    SQLSaturdays, MSSQLTips and SQLServerCentral are the next best thing to PASS. Hoping that y’all can muster up time to initiate something like PASS.
    I would suggest that the GoFundMe would rather work towards funding a conference as opposed to acquiring rights to the domain.


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