Giving of Yourself

Kathi Kellenberger is my colleague at Redgate, and fellow editor at Simple Talk. She is quite active in the WIT movement as well as other charitable endeavors such as LaunchCode. A longtime speaker and author in the community, Kathi has a history of giving back to help others.

I enjoyed reading her editorial recently about some of the giving back that our team has worked on this year. It’s a good summary of the different ways that the Advocates have tried to do something for different parts of our community. Some of this was a normal “work” we might do, and some was separate, but these efforts are a part of the reason that we have this job.

One thing I’ve been impressed with this year is how often I’ve seen members of the SQL Community reach out to help others. From support to listening to offers of help, I’m glad that we have found ways to give of ourselves. I’ve seen similar things in my community, and it gives me hope for humanity.

I believe strongly that all of our should find ways to volunteer and help others in our lives. It might be when you are young, when you retire, maybe a few times a year, maybe every week, but we all benefit when we realize there is something bigger than us, and something more important than our own needs, wants, and desires.

As we close out this difficult year, remember that whatever happened to you, likely there are people who struggled more. Look for opportunities to help others, in big or small ways, whenever you can. It could be with an organization. It could be a helping hand in your community or a moment that you seize and opportunity on the street. Look for a chance to play Santa, with a gift, a donation, or an act of service. It will do you a world of good.

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