Self-Care–Using Vacation

I spent most of my work as a bit of a workaholic. Not that I worked too many crazy hours or spent all my time at work, because I didn’t. I had some rough stretches, but I’ve mostly worked 45-50 hours a week for the majority of my career, in all positions.

However, I struggled to take vacation. In fact, I rarely took more than a few days. Even now, after about 4 days I’m usually ready to go back to work. I am trying to do better, but it’s hard. Or maybe it’s a sign I have a great job and love what I do.

In any case, I’m trying to be better in a different way. My family enjoys winter, and while travel is restricted in a variety of ways, we do have season passes for the Colorado mountains and a place up there. We usually rent it out, but there haven’t been any since last year. That might start changing, but for the time being, we’ve tried to take advantage of the space.

We took a couple trips up there in December, and one a couple weeks ago. We’re back up this week for a few more days, and I’ve even lent it out to my nephew in a few weeks (though I may come up for a day). No long trips, but I’m trying to take them regularly and get away.

See you later this week.

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