Summarizing a Script with SQL Prompt

I have never used this feature, but someone was asking for feedback on Prompt, and I noticed  this in the menu: Summarize script.


I had guessed that it might look at the code and give me some outline, which is what it does, but I wasn’t sure how it might work. I decided to try it on a few scripts.

I had a demo script for a customer, and I ran it there. I got what I expected, an ordering of various operations.

2021-03-12 08_10_22-SQLQuery1.sql - ARISTOTLE.sandbox (ARISTOTLE_Steve (65))_ - Microsoft SQL Server

Useful in some sense. I can see I cleaned up the CREATE with the DROP. However, I could also see that easily if I looked at the script. Depending on length, this might be helpful to remind me or let me see if I’ve dropped all the code I expected.

I picked a longer script from some of the Advent of Code stuff I’ve been slowly working on. In this one, there is some looping, as it’s a looping type of problem (to me). In this case, I see something more complex.

2021-03-12 08_14_16-day3.sql - ARISTOTLE.AdventofCode (ARISTOTLE_Steve (57)) - Microsoft SQL Server

Not a lot of information from the SELECTs, but I do see some looping. The actual code is a bunch of math changes, and I could have used SET, which might have helped here. This let’s me see that the code is more of a procedural construct, which looks like this:

2021-03-12 08_14_51-day3.sql - ARISTOTLE.AdventofCode (ARISTOTLE_Steve (57)) - Microsoft SQL Server

What about other types of code? I looked at a CTE, which wasn’t that helpful. I can’t see the base tables here, which isn’t useful.

2021-03-12 08_16_26-SQLQuery1.sql - ARISTOTLE.sandbox (ARISTOTLE_Steve (61)) - Microsoft SQL Server

However, in AdventureWorks, there is a procedure that shows me a TRY CATCH. In a long set of code, this might help me make sure I’ve actually included the CATCH, among other things.

2021-03-12 08_17_41-SQLQuery5.sql - ARISTOTLE_SQL2017.AdventureWorks2017 (ARISTOTLE_Steve (61)) - Mi

I’m not sure how useful this feature is, but it’s now in my mind to try a few times and see what I think. What is the outline and structure of my code.

If you have other ideas, I’m sure Redgate would appreciate suggestions. Otherwise, give it a try and let me know if it works.

If you don’t have SQL Prompt, it’s an amazing developer productivity tool, and we now offer it as a subscription, so you can try it for a bit longer than than evaluation without committing.

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