Working in a Distributed Fashion

Recently at the Redgate Summit, Kendra (b|t) noted that all the developers working for her are doing so in a distributed fashion. She is a product manager at Redgate, and her team uses git to move source code around and share it with different members for the applications they work on.

For database work, I often see people using a shared database, which can create issues between developers, though many teams accept this as a part of working on the same project. We often just expect that our code is in the shared database, which means we don’t need to actually move it around. Hopefully, we do put it into version control.

Has anything changed during the pandemic for how you work with your team? Or with other teams? I assume you don’t see people, but you do need to share things, or maybe you’ve moved away from shared databases. In that case, you might have some tricks for sharing technical code or other things that are a part of your work.

Most of our work in this business is digital, so we likely adapted fairly easily to remote work. However, it might not have been completely seamless, and if things have changed, maybe you want to leave a comment on what’s different.

For most of the work I typically do, it was always remote. While I miss collaborating with people in person, something I used to do regularly, the actual bits I need to move and share work in the same way. Actually, they work in more ways, as we’ve found new and interesting ways to share things outside of email and chat. Mural, Kanban boards, and even more video recording and posting have become more a part of my work day than they ever were before the pandemic.

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