The SQL Saturday Foundation Board of Directors

I’m pleased to announce that I have selected an initial board of directors for the SQL Saturday Foundation. I’m honored to be a part of this group:

  • Andy Warren  (b | t) – USA
  • Carlos Lopez (b | t) – LATAM
  • Heidi Hasting (t) – APAC
  • Johan Brattås (t) – EUR
  • Stacia Varga (b | t) – USA
  • Steph Locke (b | t) – EUR
  • Steve Jones (b | t) – USA
  • Taiob Ali (b | t) – APAC/USA
  • Dr. Victoria Holt (b | t) – EUR

I think this is a diverse group, representing many different views on our industry and the world, and I hope you agree. Please join me in congratulating them.

This was a very hard decision, and in keeping with the spirit of disclosure, I’ll write a bit about the process I followed, without disclosing other names.

This has moved far slower than I would have liked, mostly my own fault with other distractions in life causing delays. Things are starting to move now, and I will start to get the board together to begin setting the path forward. I have avoided making too many decisions so far, so we have a lot of work to do.

I hope many of you organizers and local leaders will start thinking about holding virtual events this year and look forward to physical ones in 2022.

I am still looking for a suitable place we can publicly discuss things as a group, without others posting within our discussion. I will ensure there is a place for public comment on our work, but any working group needs a way to discuss things among themselves, even in public. Suggestions for how to do this are welcome.

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