Running Scripts in Parallel with SQL Multi Script

One of the lesser known tools in the Redgate Toolbelt is SQL Multi Script. While few customers used it, those that did loved it, as it solves a problem that many people have: deploying a script to a lot of servers at once. While Central Management Servers help a little here, they don’t quite have all the features of Multi-script, which is not only a management, but a deployment tool as well. With companies using sharding and multiple systems for clients, this is becoming more important all the time.

A few years ago a customer asked me if we could make this run faster. At the time, we had limited the tool to 25 threads at a time, which made sense when it was developed. However, with modern hardware, I asked the developers to remove this limit. This was an easy change, and now you can scale up your script execution.

You can do this with the “Application Options” in the menu. As you see below, parallel execution is enabled.

2021-03-24 09_59_07-Application Options

What’s more, this value is dynamic. If you start executing this agaisnt a series of databases and need to scale up or down, you can change this value and it will take effect immediately.

If you’ve never given SQL Multi Script a try, and have the need to run scripts against a lot of servers, give it a try. It’s a little known, but incredibly valuable, tool.

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