#TSQL2sday #137 Invite Using Notebooks Every Day

tsqltuesdayIt’s time for the T-SQL Tuesday blog party, and I’m hosting this month. I don’t host too often, but since I had some schedule mix ups, I’ll handle this month. Read the invitation below and then write your post for next Tuesday, Apr 13.

If you want to host a T-SQL Tuesday, let me know. You can ping me on Twitter.

Jupyter Notebooks

I first heard about Jupyter Notebooks years ago. At the time I was just getting started in Python and I thought these were a great way to share code online with others. However, the setup and administration was a pain, and I quickly gave up.

When I saw Microsoft add notebooks to Azure, I got slightly excited again, but once again, it was a bit of a pain to work with these. Too much administrative overhead, in my opinion.

That changed a bit with Azure Data Studio, which has seen notebooks get added, and become easier and more stable. If you haven’t tried notebooks, get ADS and give it a try today. I even wrote a short piece on using these.

Your Invitation

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I want you to write about how you have used, or would like to use, a Jupyter notebook. This seemed to be exciting for many people at first, but I haven’t seen a lot of uptake from users in general. So I’m curious if you are using them.

A few resources for you:

There is even a way to run these from PowerShell.

So let me know how you are using notebooks, or your plans for the future.

Publish your post sometimes on 13 Apr, UTC time.

The Rules

Publish your post sometime on 13 Apr 2021, UTC time.

Leave a comment or traceback on this post.

Use the T-SQL Tuesday logo at the top of this post in your post and link that back to this invitation.

Spread the word.

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  4. dbanuggets says:

    Thank you Steve for hosting this month of T-SQL Tuesday! Here is my post on Jupyter notebooks

    T-SQL Tuesday #137: Jupyter Notebooks


  5. Barney Lawrence says:

    Thanks for hosting Steve, I appreciate the nudge to get me back and looking at notebooks.
    Here’s my post on the topic:

    Using SQL Notebooks For Knowledge Sharing


  6. Andy says:

    Thank you for hosting Steve. I’m pretty new to using Notebooks and have started using them to work through presentations/sessions that include code.



  7. Glenn Berry says:

    Here is my post. https://bit.ly/3df1aEB

    Thanks for hosting, Steve!


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  11. sqlvariant says:

    Please accept this video as my submission: https://youtu.be/5DDeSb-mHP0
    (I couldn’t get it published any sooner.)


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