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I like the idea of a work conference. We’re actually having one at Redgate this week, though it’s all virtual. I’d like an in person one, and it sounds like that will happen at Atlassian four times a year when they require employees to be in the office. That’s it.

Four times a year.

They are going all in on work from home, allowing employees to be in any place that Atlassian has a legal presence for work. As someone that’s dealt with this, it is a hassle for a company doesn’t have any setup for an employee in a new locale, especially in the US. So I understand them limiting employees to places where the company has a corporate entity. Still, that’s a lot of places for Atlassian.

Many Atlassian employees do expect to go to offices about half the time, but they won’t be required to do so. I think there are lots of their staff that want to be able to go to an office, at least some time.  I do wonder how they will handle meetings and collaboration with people being able to move their schedule around and be in or out of the office. At Redgate we’ve said remote first, but sitting at my desk for a meeting with one person that’s at their desk in the same room and one person that is remote feels strange.

Getting everyone in a region together a few times a year is a really interesting idea. It will feel like a SQL Saturday or other event when you know everyone will show up. I can see this generating some excitement. Especially if those days are different from normal workdays.

It’s something I think I’d be interested in, and perhaps excited by. I think I’ll suggest each Redgate office have a few days a year, and then see if I can get invited to each office on those days. Fingers crossed that it happens.

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