Goal Progress for August 2021

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2021.

I’m late in putting this out, but here goes.

Current Grade: C-

I left the grade the same, as I’ve made some progress, but not much. Time is running out, I’m getting busy, and I realize I didn’t do a good job really thinking of the workload this year. I’ll review this next month.


The goal was 4 books (3 non-fiction, 1 tech).  I finished one in early July, and found a few more to add to the list. I haven’t been sure what to read, but I found a few career books. Now I need to find a tech book for the second half of the year.

Here’s the current progress:

No book review, so that’s a failure.

I am enjoying the GE book, as I thought I would work there at one point. It’s interesting, mostly from a business and finance perspective, but I like thinking about this from a business point of view.

Technical Skills

You can read about these goals in my yearly post (linked above), but for now, no change.

That’s not great.


No real project work here in August. I did speak to a couple user groups, and I guess I helped them move forward with a hybrid meeting.  I’m calling the UG one half done, as one group is dead for now.

  • SQL Saturday Inc – 90%. We own the trademark!
  • Support events: Minor calls here.
  • Speak at the 3 local user groups, at least one live presentation – 50%
  • Help organize a Denver/Colorado event, live or virtual – 50% (more conversations)
  • Complete my Power BI Volleyball report – I know lots of kids will use this, so I need to get it done – 70%
  • SQL Memorial – 90% – I updated this, sadly, as someone passed. I need to move this to straight GitHub Pages and get the custom domain set.

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