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This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y. If you are thinking of ordering one, I’ve got a referral code. You get 1,000 free Supercharger miles and so do I. Use: http://ts.la/john92950

This week I got my car. Actually our car, and I’m not sure if my wife or I is more excited.

We started Monday, with finalizing paperwork. I got my insurance card uploaded over the weekend, but didn’t realize I needed to add in the policy number and expiration manually. I did that, and then we made the final payment for the pickup. I’ll write about that as well, since that was an interesting experience.

The Plan

In any case, we had scheduled the pickup for 4pm. I had tentatively planned to be out of town part of this week, so I asked to get it early. The agreed to try, but said to give it to the end of the day, just in case.

Our plan (my wife, two boys, and me) was to go hiking and then pick it up later. As we got ready in the am, one of our party wasn’t feeling well and we decided to scrap the hike. We still wanted to get together, so we met in town.

About the time we got together, I got an email from Tesla that the car was ready. Since I wasn’t sure what this meant, I emailed the delivery center. Within a minute they sent a reply that we could come over.

The Pickup

This wasn’t the completely smooth process I’ve heard about from a few people online, but it wasn’t bad. We arrived at a quiet delivery center. There was one customer inside and one employee. The employee took my name and went to fine paperwork. Meanwhile, my wife and I showed our boys the Model 3 and Y in the showroom. They hadn’t been with us when we test drove the car, so this was their first experience.

After about 10 minutes, the rep came back with paperwork and asked me to accept delivery in my account to get started. I said we wanted to check out the car, and he was happy to oblige. He told us the car was on the supercharger and took us out to see it.


The Inspection

He showed us how to get in with the key card and then said to take our time and come find him. We then commenced our inspection. I had a [paper checklist]() and my son was using the mobile app companion, and we walked around.

The first thing my middle son found was the front hood appeared slightly off center. The gap on the lower right was more than the lower left. You can look at the video, and you can see it, but it doesn’t appear to be a big deal. At least not to me.

The body looked fine otherwise, the wheels were good, no droopy doors, no chips or marks in the glass. The interior looked good to us, clean and unused. I think the car had 15mi on it when we got in, which was fine. Probably some light testing.

We checked all the features and switches, of which there are few. Lights worked, windows, everything seemed fine. A license plate bracket was in the car, as was the mobile connector and tow hook. We adjusted seats, folder them, and spent about 30 minutes going through a nitpicky look at the car.

It was a better inspection then I’d done on most other cars I’d bought.

While all of us were in the car, my oldest son noticed the coat hook on the driver side wasn’t closing. It wouldn’t latch. He pressed it a dozen times and it finally stayed closed. Then we tried it again and it took 48 presses to get it to stick. Yes, we counted.

Closing the Sale

As we were finishing, the car got to 90% and stopped charging. I walked in and got a rep, who came out with the paperwork. She also brought a service tech, who looked at the hook. He wasn’t sure what was wrong, but said to just book an appointment if we wanted to leave soon.

The rep opened paperwork and I accepted delivery in my account and then signed my name about 6 times. It was the easiest sale I’ve ever completed outside of private party sales. Then I logged into the app and the car recognized my phone.

The rep then helped me get other drivers added, and gave us 2 extra key cards. One for my son and a spare since they come in 2 packs. We spent about 10 minutes programming drivers and getting accounts set up. Then he showed me a couple controls and said to enjoy it.

Overall, the process was about 45 minutes for us. Some of that I attribute to us coming early, but I appreciated them accommodating us. The process was very smooth, I’m pleased with the quality of the car, and I think Tesla did a nice job here.

A few things were last minute, and they could improve some of that communication to warn consumers of what is coming when, but overall, this is better than any other dealer. I assume as they stabilize manufacturing, their other IT systems will get better. Their car software certainly has.

No regrets so far. I’ll do a combined post on the first drive and charging next week.

There is a video version of this post on My Colorado Tesla Experience Channel. You can see all of these posts by following the Tesla tag.

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