Goal Progress for September 2021

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2021.

Not a lot of progress in September. I think this is a bit of a symptom of life for me, as I find myself in a career lull as I get near the end of summer each year. Perhaps a learning item for me is to tackle more things earlier in the year, or later, as I find the end of the year slow.

I’m also starting to think that my goals should be for part of a year, with a re-assessment at some point. Perhaps 2022 ought to be six month goals, or even 4 months goals and then create new ones, or leave some off.

Current Grade: C-

I’m leaving the same grade. Minor things accomplished. Mostly I think September was time away from work spent on life. A new car, chores before winter, and some time with my wife. No regrets here, other than my career stalled.


I did finish Lights Out, and I purchased Thanks for the Feedback. I opened it and got started. I also write a Lights Out review.

Here’s the current progress:

Technical Skills

No real change here.  I have done much coding outside of work.


No real changes here. Minor updates, but not enough time spent on these items.

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