Range Anxiety is Easing

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

One of the things that bothered me for a long time about electric cars is range anxiety. Maybe because I’ve almost run out of gas many times, or because I sometimes have a few days with lots of driving. In any case, I often worried that I’d run out of charge. I used to feel that way about my phone, though I have gotten used to running low on power at times.

The same thing has happened in the Model Y. It’s almost two months, and I’ll do a mini review next week on how I feel, but for now, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I don’t worry about range in my daily life anymore.

When I picked up the car, it was set to charge to 90%. I wrote about the charging experience, and have since gotten even more relaxed. The car has a scheduled charge set (another blog coming), and when I plug it in, by 7am the next day it gets to 83% charge.

Often I drive it and the charge only goes down to the low 70s or high 60s on many days. On those days, I sometimes don’t bother to plug it in again. I often don’t have plans that will require a lot more than my normal 20-50 miles, so I just let the car sit.

On the second (or third) day, I will be driving around and see the charge drop to 50%, sometimes even into the low 40s. Surprisingly this is more of a cue I need to plug in the charger that night rather than worry if I’ll be able to get home.

So far, no long trips. This week I’ve started to drive more, as coaching has started, so we’ll see how that changes my attitude, and if this continues in the winter. Already I’m starting to use the seat heaters, so I’m definitely consuming more power.

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