A Summit Rebirth in 2022

This year the SQL Server and Data Platform community is getting together for the annual Summit virtually. You can still register and attend today through Friday for free. The content is also being recorded, and if you register, you can watch it later, or re-watch it, at your convenience. It’s free training for your career across a wide variety of topics, so take a moment and fill out the form.

There’s another good reason to register now. Next year’s Summit will be hybrid, with the in-person portion happening back in Seattle next fall. However, there will be a limited number of tickets available for those that want to travel to the event and be in the same room as other professionals. Tickets for the live portion are only going to be available to people registered for this year’s event, so make sure you head over to the site and register today. You can also read about the announcement on the Redgate blog.

I am thrilled that there will be a live conference next year. I have missed the chance to get together with others now that I’m vaccinated. I was lucky to attend a couple of events this year and am looking forward to SQL Server and Azure SQL Conference in December. I am hoping to get to SQL Bits in the spring in London, and I am very excited to go to next year’s Summit and spend time with the #sqlfamily that have made the last two decades a joy. I relish the chance to talk live with others, get inspired by their knowledge and stories, and bond over meals. It’s been invaluable in my career and brought many smiles to my face.

I am also glad that next year’s event will be hybrid, allowing those that can’t travel, or don’t feel comfortable, to still access content and interact with others. I know that this is important, and I hope we find ways to provide additional hybrid options in the future. While I do think the pandemic will recede, some of the concerns will remain over large crowds and event safety. I think we should accommodate those that are not attending conferences live, and I expect we will find ways to do this better in the years ahead.

The annual Summit has been a large part of my career for over 20 years. It has been a time and place where most of the best, brightest, and more generous Data Platform professionals from inside and outside of Microsoft gather to share information and help each other grow our industry. I look forward to the rebirth of this amazing experience in a hybrid form next year, with changes and ideas to make the event even more invigorating.

Note: The deadline to register and be eligible for a ticket next year is Friday morning, before the Community keynote, presented by Brent Ozar.

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