Goal Progress for November 2021

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2021.

I missed writing this in October. It was a stressful time with lots of deadlines, presentations, and travel.

I slacked off a bit in November, coming out of a busy work time and needing time away from my technical work. At least, outside of work. I also started coaching, and that required more personal time, so less career time.

Current Grade: C+

Given where I am, I think I’m middle of the road. I’ve done well on reading. I’ve made some project progress. A little technical skill work, but not enough.


I’ve been working through a couple books. I like the feedback one, but I find myself stopping and thinking often. The PoSh book is a bit of a project, but I’m enjoying it.

Here’s the current progress:

Technical Skills

No coding here on the Advent of Code. I realized, however, that I’m not a great programmer. Some of these problems stump me and slow down my enthusiasm. I also don’t love the process of problem solving on the computer just for fun. I have too many other hobbies for this to be a priority.

I have, however, started studying for a certification. I’ve been going through the DP-900 modules, trying to learn a bit every day or two. I went through 3 modules in November after the Data Community Summit. I’ll keep going here.


No real changes here. Minor updates, but not enough time spent on these items. I have started to get organized for volleyball statistics for the new season and I need to document the process a bit to explain it to myself, as well as do some better data analysis.

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