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For many of us, we’ve learned over time that we need to filter out the amount of things that we deal with in an given situation. We certainly often do this in queries with a WHERE clause.

While plenty of software comes up with ways to group and filter items, often they are done in a way that doesn’t fit the needs to the user. An example of this is categories in SQL Monitor. They’re good, and people use them, but they aren’t enough. You can see the grouping/categories below from monitor.red-gate.com. The filter is at the top and the various cards are grouped under the three areas: Production, Azure database, and Staging.

2021-12-02 10_40_13-Global Dashboard — Mozilla Firefox

That is a gross filter, but often customers might have multiple ways they want to filter servers, so we’ve added something new: tags.

In the demo system, there aren’t any set up yet, but you can see where these are added in the Monitored Servers configuration. You can create multiple tags for a database or select multiple databases and apply a tag to all of them.

2021-12-02 10_37_38-Monitored Servers — Mozilla Firefox

On the Overview page, you can then quickly filter down by tags at the top. Just to the right of the groups.

2021-12-02 10_37_14-Global Dashboard — Mozilla Firefox

Not a huge change, but it’s one that is requested a lot and it’s rolling out now to your SQL Monitor installs. Give it a try and as always, give us feedback on how it works.

If you haven’t tried SQL Monitor, download a trial and see how easy this makes monitoring your SQL Server databases.

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